Neural DSP Birthday Sale! 50% off all plugins, including Gojira X / Petrucci / Tim Henson

Neural DSP Guitar Plugins

This doesn’t happen too often; Neural DSP is running a 50% off birthday sale on ALL their plugins. I’ve tried quite a few of them and can personally vouch for it being a pretty awesome deal (esp. Archetype Petrucci and the Soldano SLO-100 in my case).

I mean, you have signature plugins like Archetype: Petrucci, Archetype: Gojira X (massively heavy), Archetype: Tim Henson, Archetype: Tom Morello and Archetype: Plini X but then also get absolutely awesome sounds from amp sims like their Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Suite, Morgan Amps Suite, Tone King Imperial MKII and Soldano SLO-100 X.

Well worth a look if you ask me! The deal ends in 4 days from when I posted this (May 3rd 2024).

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