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Orange Learn: Learn guitar for free, courtesy of Orange Amps

This is awesome, Orange Amps just made everything on Orange Learn free for all; a website with free courses to learn guitar (mainly) but so far there’s also a vocal course too. Not only are the courses free (and the guitar courses range from debut to 1–8 in difficulty), they are also officially recognised on […]


Blackstar ID:CORE V4 Guitar Amps

Blackstar just unveiled a new iteration of their line of ID:CORE practice amps: the Blackstar ID:CORE V4. These come in four different models where the differences are mainly between footswitch support (not on the smaller ones), different power and speaker sizes (10, 20 and 40 watts and 2×3″, 2×5″ or 2×6,5″ speakers) as well as […]


Neural DSP Birthday Sale! 50% off all plugins, including Gojira X / Petrucci / Tim Henson

This doesn’t happen too often; Neural DSP is running a 50% off birthday sale on ALL their plugins. I’ve tried quite a few of them and can personally vouch for it being a pretty awesome deal (esp. Archetype Petrucci and the Soldano SLO-100 in my case). I mean, you have signature plugins like Archetype: Petrucci, […]


Human Amp Driver: Organic Overdrive Preamp & Distortion Pedal

Here’s Human Technologies‘ Amp Driver, a hand-made guitar pedal designed to be the ‘ultimate professional boost, overdrive and distortion device’ straight from Northern Ireland. So both a high end overdrive and high end preamp in the same small box. The Amp Driver combines the very finest in perfected classic overdrive pedal design with all new […]


Vox amPlug 3: Updated, ultra-portable practice amps

Sometimes small and portable is all you need to keep the practice routines going. Vox just launched the third generation of their super portable line of tiny plug n’ play mini amplifiers: amPlug 3. Now, these small little things has proven themselves before (like how they performed back when Ola Englund tried an earlier version […]


Is the Boss IR-2 the amp/cab sim pedal I’ve been waiting for?

Now, I can’t say that I was waiting for an amp/cab sim pedal.. but now that I see that it exists, I’m a bit blown away by the Boss IR-2 to be honest. Sure, there’s other IR-loading pedals out there, or small power amps, but this small combo looks like it could solve so many […]


Joe Bonamassa’s Seymour Duncan “The Blonde Dot” Vintage ES-335 P.A.F. Humbucker Set

Think what you will about Joe Bonamassa, but he ought to know a thing or two about P.A.F humbuckers (the classic and earliest iteration of the humbucker pickup, acronym coming from the “Patent Applied For” sticker found beneath them, invented by Seth Lover for Gibson back in 1955). His new signature set of Seymour Duncan […]