Solar A1.7 TBOP-29: 29″ Scale, Open Pore Tri-Burst 7-String

Here’s a new launch from Solar Guitars: The Solar A1.7 TBOP-29. As the name implies – if you decode it a bit – it’s a 7-stringed A1/Type A model with Tri-Burst and Open Pore matte finish. Oh, and 29″ scale of course. Besides that fantastic finish you get a swamp ash body with a set-through […]


Blackstar Amps Polar 2: A USB Audio Interface Made For Guitarists

This could be pretty interesting: Blackstar Amps just launched Polar 2, a 2-channel USB-C audio interface made specifically for guitarists, targeting some common woes when recording our precious instruments, and audio qualities aside you gotta love when audio interfaces manage to look both stylish and durable. It features two FET (field effect transistor) inputs, “designed […]


Gretsch Limited Edition Orville Peck Signature Falcon

The modern masked outlaw artist Orville Peck (famous for songs like Dead of Night and Midnight Ride) has received his own limited edition signature Gretsch Falcon model with string-through Bigsby trem. This hollow body is only available in a really great looking “Oro Sparkle finish”, featuring a gold flaked white metallic over a pale gold […]


Seymour Duncan Hot + Vintage Phat Cat Silencer: Noiseless humbucker-sized P90 pickups

As a recent aficionado of humbucker-sized P90s – they can really transform the sound of a guitar if you haven’t tried one yet – these look extremely interesting: Seymour Duncan’s new Hot + Vintage Phat Cat Silencer humbucker-sized P90s. Now, they’ve had the humbucker-sized Phat Cat before, but these aims at being noiseless, which probably […]


ESP LTD 200DX: A stunning line of affordable guitars

Considering the level of quality you can get out of more affordable guitars these days it’s always thrilling to see what companies comes up with in that segment. Here’s ESP LTD 200DX, a line of six guitars / three models that’ll set you back a mere $399 and I’ve got to say the finishes look […]


PRS SE NF3: Want a Silver Sky with triple humbuckers?

As a new owner to a PRS SE McCarty 594 I’m absolutely loving what PRS is doing with their SE models lately: PRS Guitars just launched the PRS SE NF3, a guitar with the neck and body assembly taken from the SE Silver Sky but with parts of it goes all the way back to […]


Ibanez AZ Premium in Dragon Eye and Black Ice Burst

I’ve never really understood Ibanez’ way of naming their models, but they sure look good. Here’s the AZ47P1QM Premium (really rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?) available with quilted maple tops in either Dragon Eye burst and a dark Black Ice burst. I remember someone claiming that Ibanez’ AZ line of guitars were named just […]


Wolfgang Van Halen’s Signature EVH SA-126 Special

Here’s Wolfgang Van Halen‘s new signature guitar: The semi-hollow EVH SA-126 Special. Fun side-fact: The number 126 bears significance since Wolfgang’s dad, Eddie, named his signature guitar ‘Wolfgang’ after his son, and now his son set the model number after Eddie’s birthday, January 26th. The more you know… SA-126 is the very definition of innovation […]


Orange Learn: Learn guitar for free, courtesy of Orange Amps

This is awesome, Orange Amps just made everything on Orange Learn free for all; a website with free courses to learn guitar (mainly) but so far there’s also a vocal course too. Not only are the courses free (and the guitar courses range from debut to 1–8 in difficulty), they are also officially recognised on […]


ESP LTD Deluxe MH-1000NT Charcoal Burst

Here’s ESP’s LTD Deluxe MH-1000NT looking quite stunning in Charcoal Burst. ESP informs us that with the MH series they’re combining design elements from the ESP H/Horizon models (like the archtop body) and from the M/Mirage guitars (inline headstock and extra thin but sturdy U-shaped neck). Other specs include: Read more at LTD MH-1000NT […]