Neural DSP Birthday Sale! 50% off all plugins, including Gojira X / Petrucci / Tim Henson

This doesn’t happen too often; Neural DSP is running a 50% off birthday sale on ALL their plugins. I’ve tried quite a few of them and can personally vouch for it being a pretty awesome deal (esp. Archetype Petrucci and the Soldano SLO-100 in my case). I mean, you have signature plugins like Archetype: Petrucci, […]


Human Amp Driver: Organic Overdrive Preamp & Distortion Pedal

Here’s Human Technologies‘ Amp Driver, a hand-made guitar pedal designed to be the ‘ultimate professional boost, overdrive and distortion device’ straight from Northern Ireland. So both a high end overdrive and high end preamp in the same small box. The Amp Driver combines the very finest in perfected classic overdrive pedal design with all new […]


Vox amPlug 3: Updated, ultra-portable practice amps

Sometimes small and portable is all you need to keep the practice routines going. Vox just launched the third generation of their super portable line of tiny plug n’ play mini amplifiers: amPlug 3. Now, these small little things has proven themselves before (like how they performed back when Ola Englund tried an earlier version […]


Jackson Guitars: New Additions For 2024 Pro Plus Series

Jackson just announced the 2024 additions for their Pro Plus series, including two Randy Rhoads V’s (Randy was Jackson’s first customer after all). Pro Plus Series Rhoads RR24PSBound okoume Rhoads body with a flaming pomelle sapele top dubbed Firestorm, three piece graphite reinforced maple/walnut neck and oiled back finish, 12″-16″ compound radius ebony fretboard, stainless […]


Schecter PT Black-Ops: All Blacked-out T-type Guitars

Okay, these T-styles look angry enough: Schecter PT Black-Ops are T-style guitars available in one color and one color only: Satin Black Open Pore with, you guessed it, all blacked out details. You do get a choice when it comes to strings though since 6, 7 and 8 stringed versions are available and each is […]


Fender Tom DeLonge Signature Starcaster

Fender just revealed the line of Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge signature Starcaster guitars, and wow, I’m relieved that custom one he got with actual meteor dust in the finish isn’t one of the styles to be honest. As a rather recent appreciator of the offset starcaster shape, I’m super glad to see them launched. These […]


Baum Guitars “Wingman” wins gold at the 2024 New York Product Design Award

Yay, I finally get to post something about Baum Guitars: This fresh (10 years is still regarded as fresh in the guitar world, right?) guitar company from Denmark just won gold at the 2024 New York Product Design Award for their Wingman guitar among a pool of over 1,000 other submissions and to me that […]


Schecter Tori Ruffin Freak Juice Traditional

This guitar ought to come with a steady tequila sunrise drink! Schecter has partnered up with Freak Juice’s Tori Ruffin (who’s been with Morris Day and The Time for 25 years and written and performed with artists like Mick Jagger, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Mariah Carey) and launched his signature guitar, aptly named […]


Gibson Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard

Gibson just revealed the latest collaboration with one of their biggest ambassadors, Slash: The absolute classic “Jessica” 1987 Les Paul Standard, a new model based on his honey burst with red back famous from Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City and Sweet Child O’ Mine. I mean, Slash has been rocking that thing since the […]


Solar AB1.6FR “Chrome Canibalismo”: Guitar with a metal finish that ages over time

Solar Guitars just revealed their first made-in-Spain Chop Shop release for 2024: The Solar AB1.6FR “Chrome Canibalismo”. The most spectacular thing about this metal axe is that it is in fact covered in metal, and the finish takes quite a while to cure and harden so the appearance will change naturally over time. They have […]