Vox amPlug 3: Updated, ultra-portable practice amps

VOX Amplug3 High Gain Portable Practice Amplifiers

Sometimes small and portable is all you need to keep the practice routines going. Vox just launched the third generation of their super portable line of tiny plug n’ play mini amplifiers: amPlug 3. Now, these small little things has proven themselves before (like how they performed back when Ola Englund tried an earlier version in his Will It Chug? series, which they in fact did).

Just shove two AAA batteries in one, hook it up to your guitar’s (or bass’) output jack, plug in a pair of headphones (or external speaker or phone) using the 3.5mm jack and you’re good to go. Vox claims 10-16 hours of battery life using alkaline batteries.

Now, they act a little bit different depending on which model you go for:

AC30: The classic VOX AC30 sound (ch1 is the warm normal, ch2 sharp top boost)
UK Drive: ‘UK 100W stack amp’ sound (ch1 full vintage, ch2 sharp distortion)
US Silver: ‘US combo amp’ (ch1 clean and warm, ch2 smooth soft drive)
Boutique: ‘Legendary’ boutique amp sound (ch1 bouncy clean, ch2 bright and silky overdrive)
High Gain: Modern high-gain amp (ch1 sparkling clean sound, ch2 sharp, aggressive high-gain distortion)
Bass: Standard bass amp sound (ch1 wide range, ch2 fat, punchy overdrive, for pop/rock/jazz)
Modern Bass: Modern bass amp (ch1 clear and bright, ch2 high-gain distortion)

Other features includes:

  • Analog circuitry
  • Dual-channel design with three built-in effects
  • Improved looks and casing for a more elegant feel
  • Rhythm function featuring 9 patterns

Read more about the amPlug 3 over at voxamps.com
Buy it at Amazon ($49.99)
Buy it at Thomann (£47)

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