Seymour Duncan Hot + Vintage Phat Cat Silencer: Noiseless humbucker-sized P90 pickups

Seymour Duncan Hot + Vintage Phat Cat Silencer P90 pickup

As a recent aficionado of humbucker-sized P90s – they can really transform the sound of a guitar if you haven’t tried one yet – these look extremely interesting: Seymour Duncan’s new Hot + Vintage Phat Cat Silencer humbucker-sized P90s. Now, they’ve had the humbucker-sized Phat Cat before, but these aims at being noiseless, which probably is one of the main things otherwise keeping people away from P90s.

They come in two variants: the clean and bright Vintage Phat Cat Silencer which is matched to a true vintage spec for classic P90 tones, and the Hot Phat Cat Silencer which goes for more thicker, edgy, classic rock, southern rock and punk tones. And being humbucker-sized they’re a straight drop-in replacement on any ordinary humbucker equipped guitar.

(If you didn’t know, the P90 is a single coil pickup but with a shorter and wider bobbin than say, those found in a Strat. Since P90s have higher output than regular single coil pickups they’re more suspectible to the dreaded hum which the humbucking PAF pickup was designed to get rid of. These noiseless P90s got a unique stacked three-coil design to.. well, buck the hum as well as a humbucker, while aiming at retaining the original P90 tone)

Read more about the Vintage Phat Cat Silencer ($139) and Hot Phat Cat Silencer ($139) over at (oh, and there’s of course actual P90-sized Silencer P90s there too)

Check out their demo of the pickups:

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