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Seymour Duncan Hot + Vintage Phat Cat Silencer: Noiseless humbucker-sized P90 pickups

As a recent aficionado of humbucker-sized P90s – they can really transform the sound of a guitar if you haven’t tried one yet – these look extremely interesting: Seymour Duncan’s new Hot + Vintage Phat Cat Silencer humbucker-sized P90s. Now, they’ve had the humbucker-sized Phat Cat before, but these aims at being noiseless, which probably […]


Joe Bonamassa’s Seymour Duncan “The Blonde Dot” Vintage ES-335 P.A.F. Humbucker Set

Think what you will about Joe Bonamassa, but he ought to know a thing or two about P.A.F humbuckers (the classic and earliest iteration of the humbucker pickup, acronym coming from the “Patent Applied For” sticker found beneath them, invented by Seth Lover for Gibson back in 1955). His new signature set of Seymour Duncan […]