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Extremely Distressed Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S

Oh wow, while Schecter released another Avenged Sevenfold signature guitar a while back, the extremely well-behaved and, in comparison, well-combed Zacky Vengeance SG-style ZV, this time we go with another Synyster Gates signature. Schecter calls this Synyster Custom-S “Distressed Satin Black” and yeah, I think I can sign off on that. This thing looks like […]


Jimmy Page’s Gibson Custom Doubleneck Collector’s Edition

Allrightie, if you’re gonna try to play Stairway to Heaven and money is of absolutely no issue, this would be the guitar to do it on. Gibson has launched a collector’s edition of the Jimmy Page EDS-1275 Doubleneck and they’ll set you back a whopping $50,000. Quite the legendary 12+6 string SG that Page played […]


Pre-Relic’d Charvel Pro-Mod Relic San Dimas Series

Well, if there’s one thing the guitar community can agree on it’s that we all feel the same about pre-relic’d guitars… right? Jokes aside, here’s Charvel‘s new Pro Mod Relic San Dimas Style1 HH FR PF series where they add a heavily pre-distressed look to the nitro lacquer, available in black, white and orange. Other […]