Mattias IA Eklundh presents own Swedish guitar brand: Freak Guitar Lab (and ULV guitars)

Freak Guitar Lab: Mathias IA Eklundh

Swedish metal guitar virtuoso Mattias “IA” Eklundh has left Caparison Guitars and started his own brand: Freak Guitar Lab.

Now, they’re only offering one guitar line at the moment: ULV (ulv being an ancient word for “wolf” in Swedish) which is available as both 6 string and 8 string, both with true temperament fretboards for perfect intonation and Swedish made Lundgren pickups (famous for making the Meshuggah pickups and found on Hagström guitars). These guitars are made in Sweden at the True Temperament factory in Trollhättan. I noticed that the 6-string was called “lill-ulv” and the 8-string “stor-ulv” when I searched for pictures of these, which is kinda cute since it means “little wolf” and “big wolf”.

Besides a sadly currently quite hefty delivery time (about 6 months), you do get a Freak Guitar Lab gig-bag and a signed certificate.

Price-wise they’ll set you back $3,850 for the ULV 6-string and $4,200 for the ULV 8-string.

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Freak Guitar Lab: Ulv (6 string Lill-ulv and 8-string Stor-ulv)

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