Strandberg Boden Essential 6: A more affordable 6-string series

Strandberg Boden Essential 6 Black Granite

Say what you want about Swedish guitar makers Strandberg but they sure have become top of mind for many of us when it comes to headless and ergonomic guitars. While their guitars more often than not costs quite a fortune (they can go for everything from $3,800 to $11,000 depending on your wallet) they’ve decided to create a line of guitars suited for people that maybe haven’t had a massive musical career yet – or just starting out: Strandberg Boden Essential 6.

Instead of the typical multi-scale, fanned frets you’ll find on their regular guitars these come with just six strings, straight frets and no vibrato. But considering it costs about a third of a regular Boden you do get a quality base-level Strandberg with a 25.5″ scale length, 24 stainless-steel fretted roasted maple neck (dubbed EndurNeck) with rosewood fretboard and glow-in-the-dark face inlays and side dots with a meranti wood body, Strandberg OEM humbuckers and their own new EGS Arc fixed bridge.

The Strandberg Boden Essential 6 is available in three colors: black granite, astro dust (red) and elemental blue and will set you back $999.

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Strandberg Boden Elemental 6 Elemental Blue
Strandberg Boden Essential 6 Elemental Blue
Strandberg Boden Essential 6 Astro Dust (Red)
Strandberg Boden Essential 6 Astro Dust (Red)
Strandberg Boden Essential 6 Details
Strandberg Boden Essential 6 Details

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